Private School Survey 2023

The objective of the Private School Survey was to assess the opinions of Charlottesville-area adults regarding various features of public compared to private schools and single-gender (all-boys, all-girls) compared to co-educational schools. 

The Private School Survey was sponsored by the Blue Ridge School, a non-profit educational institution in Greene County. The survey was sent to members of the BeHeardCVA panel in Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, and Nelson Counties, as well as Charlottesville City, who have active email addresses on file. Respondents were not informed of the survey’s sponsorship until after they had answered general questions about public compared to private schools and single-sex compared to co-educational schools. The survey’s field period began on March 30, 2023, and ended on April 28, 2023. In total, 342 panel members completed the survey, leading to a 34.2% survey response rate. The final data were weighted on age, gender, and homeownership by racial category to better reflect regional demographics.

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