About BeHeardCVA


BeHeardCVA is the first survey panel in the state of Virginia and is designed to represent the diverse people of Central Virginia. "CVA" stands for both Central Virginia and Charlottesville Area. BeHeardCVA is a movement meant to listen to the voices of residents in every part of the greater Charlottesville area. With that platform, we will then express what we hear to those who can make a difference in meeting needs and improving life for area residents. Our participants volunteer to have their voices heard by researchers interested in the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of people in the region. Survey results are reported in aggregate form so that no individual can be identified.

IRB-SBS Project Number 2201

How it works
  • Choose to take surveys online or over the phone.
  • Share your opinions to important decision makers and researchers in the Greater Charlottesville area about issues such as current events, health care, cultural initiatives, and more!
  • Control your personal information and contact details.
  • Be entered in raffles, giveaways, and earn prizes for participating!